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We are a small group of friendly people that want to make a difference! Our diverse backgrounds and experience in relevant fields allow us to be super versatile and focused on what we do. We were connected by the passion for dance and culture that is influencing many dancefloors in the whole world. Below you can read some more about each one of us!

Marly Baptista


Marly started to dance in her childhood. Just being 8 years old she started to learn about culture, dance and music from her family members inheriting their traditions. As young girl together with her mom she moved to Portugal. After years of practising and learning together with her family and friends, her ginga and style became easily recognizable on the dancefloors of Lisbon.

gabriel cabinda

Angolan Dances

Gabriel Cabinda was born and raised in Angola and currently lives in the Angolan capital Luanda. He started his Semba and Kizomba journey in 2005 when he joined the União Classico do Semba Dance school. He did well and ended up master teacher there from 2010-2011. In 2011 Gabriel participated in a big Kizomba and Semba competition in Angola. Out of more than 5.000 candidates he came in first place as winner of the event. Since he could not travel to Europe like other champions do, he focused his efforts to promote Kizomba in Angola.

paweł krysiak

Polaco Que Kuia

Paweł started his dancing journey in 2012 in Poland. Two years later he moved to Lisbon to continue his dance career and learn with the best. Till now he lives here and constantly improves his skills under watchful eye of Mestre Petchu. He loves Kizomba, Semba and other dances that come from Africa because they allow him to release emotions in the unique way.