what is luanda semba festival?

first international festival of african dances in angola

Luanda Semba festival is the first International Festival of African Rhythms in Angola and will take place between December 27th and January 5th! Get ready for the most unique New Years Eve with African Rhythms with great accommodation, lots of parties and workshops on the top world level. Join us and experience the culture and beauty of Angola – the heart of Semba.

NEW YEARS EVE 2022/2023

Unforgettable New Years Eve party 2022/2023 !


Workshops with the world’s best professors of Kizomba, Semba, Tribal Dances, Afro House, Kuduro and many more.


The best african Djs will take you for the music tour you won’t find anywhere else. 10 Parties, Sunsets with pool parties, Conferences


Luxury accomodation at Royal Plaza Hotel in Talatona.


Come with us to various places in the country and get a taste of the African nature.


Taste the Funge, Mufete, Moamba, Calulu and may other local dishes. 


See the whole variety of Animals in the biggest natural park in Angola.


Hear the performances of the biggest voices of Angola.

next edition

27.12.2022 – 05.01.2023

Long awaited next edition of the most cultural event on kizomba / semba planed is finally here! 10 days of parties, workshops, live concerts and shows, cultural activities, angolan gastronomy, safari, new years eve party, and many more surprises!. Are you in for the second edition of Luanda Semba Festival?

Last Edition

See how much fun we had at the first edition

The first edition of Luanda Semba Festival was an absolute blast! With over 50 participants from all over the world, over 20 angolan artists, trips around the country and 10 days filled full with all kind of activities we made the real party happen!


Luanda, Angola

Capital and the biggest city in Angola – country placed in central Africa, famous of its rich cultural heritage, and origin of Kizomba, the dance that conquered uncountable number of dance floors around the world


Monalisa Residence Hotel

Luxury hotel Located in Talatona, right next to the Luanda Airport, with easy access to the city. Comfortable apartaments, delicious food, jacuzzi, swimming pool, air conditioned rooms, all included in price!


See our program

Workshops with the best national and international professors of Kizomba, Semba, Tribal dances, Afro House, Kuduro and many more, Concerts, Parties, Tourist attractions and lots of suprises are waiting for you.

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